Why am I attracted to my second cousin?

Question by Jane doe: Why am I attracted to my second cousin?
He is a little over 10 years’ older than me. We are both adults in mid-age. We share a mutual attraction, but have never done anything about it because we are blood-related (he is my dad’s first cousin). Every time he hugs me, he kisses my neck at-length and this puts unexplainably pleasant shivers and up down my spine. Does this sound like a case of pheromones at play, independent of whether we are related or not? (I never believed in the phenomenon they call “genetic attraction”, but now I do).

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Answer by Wiz
You are attracted because you are people who like each other. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to a second cousin. The only prohibitions have always stopped at first cousins and even they were not founded on any good scientific reason. You are both adults, enjoy each other.

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2 Responses to Why am I attracted to my second cousin?

  1. Michael says:

    It’s pretty much like any other love.

    Your second cousin isn’t very closely related to you. They’re just slightly more genetically similar than a complete stranger. If you were to have children with them, there would be no problem at all. I suggest you pursue your love, there is no harm in it.

  2. soc says:

    is there any legal implications?

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